I’m Back!

Well these past few days have been cra-zy! I had friends visit this past weekend and we took them out downtown which was fun. We went to Brother’s bar (which also has a location in West Lafayette where I went to college) and it was….different. A lot more bro-tastic for my liking, but we still had a good time. Especially since we stayed up until 4 AM!!!! I was one tired pup the next day.

On Monday I had to go to Chicago for work and I got to try a traditional Chicago deep dish pizza. It was soo good, but so HUGE! I had to cut the slice in half and I still felt so full.

I finally cashed in my SNAP Fitness Groupon this week, which I got 3 months for a total of $30, including the key! Morning workouts begin next week and I’m excited!

Not much else on the news front besides….WE HAVE A WEDDING DATE! September 2, 2012 woo WOO. Our church is open and we are looking at a venue next Friday!

Speaking of weddings, we will be going to one this coming weekend in my hometown. It will be nice to see the ‘rents and some old friends. I’ll be sure to report back with tons of pictures 🙂

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