Emily & Tom’s Wedding

Hi friends! Sorry I’ve been MIA…but I have a good reason! A good friend from college got hitched this weekend in my hometown. This was the first time I’ve came “home” since I moved to Milwaukee so it was also a nice time to see my parents.

We took off on our 8 hour journey to Posey County around 1 pm. This was Murphy’s longest trip in the car and we hoped he wouldn’t get sick or go crazy. Obviously, I took pictures so he would be distracted 🙂

I sleepy


I hate that you take so many pictures of me!

Most trips consist of me taking an annoying amount of pictures…

This is my "woo road trip!" face

The 8 hours went pretty fast. I provided the entertainment by singing and dancing for more than half of the trip. What can I say, I’m talented 🙂

We stayed at the New Harmony Inn in New Harmony, Indiana. New Harmony is a very small town that is cute and full of characters. We wanted to walk around the town before the wedding, but it was pouring down rain pretty much right up until the wedding.


Grippos, Water & Andes mints...all essential to a wedding weekend!

The wedding was so much fun. It was so nice to see people that I hadn’t seen in a long time (and to show my ring!). You only get a few photos because I’m sure the people photographed would appreciate that.


The drive home was literally the longest. drive. ever. I slept pretty much…6 hours of it, I’m not used to staying up so late anymore! It’s been a catch up Monday, that’s for sure! Until tomorrow…night night!






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