Storms, Storms, Storms

It sure is stormy here in Milwaukee! This is what it looks like:

Grosssssss. I want it to be summer! Like, yesterday! I’m getting so annoyed with the weather here. I think that’s why I’ve been in a funk lately. Here’s to hoping the weekend is swell!

In other news, Murphy (our doggie) got neutered today. I felt SO bad for him. He really hates wearing the cone but…he’s a licker so it’s a must. I can’t tell if he realizes something has happened. I guess he does, dogs are super smart (sometimes…). He seems to have almost the same amount of energy though, so hopefully he’ll be raring to go soon enough.


I totally slept thru my alarm this morning. AND I totally had plans to go after picking Murphy up, but he looked so sad and I really didn’t want to leave him alone again after having a rough day. Tomorrow is another day!


I wanted to finish up some squash and zucchini I had so I made a stir fry with mushrooms, onions, squash and zucchini with a little olive oil, salt & pepper. I didn’t have enough to make a whole meal so I had a delicious BLT (with low sodium bacon so that made it a little more nutritious).

Oh yeah, and Ryan comes back tomorrow! Yahoo! He’s been gone to Alabama for work Monday-Wednesday and I’m excited for him to get back (and help me keep an eye out for Murph-man. Well, it is now pouring again outside so I’m gonna head off to catch some quality tv!

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