The Iron Horse Hotel – Wedding Venue Visit #1

Friday evening Ryan and I had our first wedding venue visit at The Iron Horse Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. We were pretty excited because this finally felt like our first step toward wedding planning. Yes we have a date, and a church but honestly that’s it. Of course it feels real, but it’s hard to picture having an actual wedding….when you have no venue.


Anyways, our first visit went very well. It has such a unique, boutique hotel vibe that we both really thought fit us well. The cost was…decent and around what we are willing to pay (and not cry ourselves to sleep every night). They work well with other vendors and have great meal prices and selections. Sounds perfect right?


Well one problem. A kind of major problem. They only have 100 guest rooms.

Okay, no big deal. We can handle that.



Except we can only be guaranteed 10 rooms set back for our guests. 10 rooms?! Uhh with 175 guests I don’t think blocking off TEN ROOMS will even come close to covering it! We were both really disappointed because there’s really nothing else keeping us from snatching up the place for September 2, 2012. There aren’t any other hotels close enough and our guests will be…drinking and I don’t want them to have to pay for a cab to get across town after paying to come to our wedding AND getting us a gift. I’d just feel too guilty and I want our guests to enjoy themselves and not have to worry about getting a ride elsewhere.

I e-mailed 5 more venues on Saturday after freaking out about not being able to find the perfect place. They all responded back today but…none seem comparable to The Iron Horse. One was way too expensive, two already had that date filled, and two are closer to our price range but still more than what we want to pay.

We’re hoping to look at a few more venues and see if we like anything else. I’d really love for our reception to be downtown so people get to experience Milwaukee and get to see the downtown area but we will see. I’m also highly considering connecting with the wedding coordinator of The Iron Horse to see if he is willing to block off more rooms for us if we guarantee guests will book there (I’m talking so sure that we will offer to pay for any rooms that aren’t used up…because I know that they will be).

We shall see!

Q: Is it okay to negotiate with a venue? Did you have to make sacrifices on what you wanted on your wedding day?

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