It’s July?!

This weekend has been crazy, insanely busy. Friday I had a half day because it was my first week at the new job and my supervisor was gone so it was kind of pointless for me to be there. It worked out well, because I had a zillion and two errands to run. After a Wal-mart run, cleaning up the house, working out, takin’ Murph man for a walk, showering (in the dark by the way because the electricity went out seconds before I was getting into the shower) annnnd dropping my car off at the mechanic I was finally ready to go to my second night of Summerfest!

Ryan & I got to the grounds a little early so we decided to grab some food before the concert began. By the way, we went to the Toby Keith concert, suppose I should mention that. I went because, well I’m the best fiance in the entire world, and because Ryan wanted to go. We had lawn seats which I was totally okay with because it overlooked the river.

After Toby Keith we met up with our friends that were visiting since they didn’t have tickets to the main show. We went to Girl Talk & Third Eye Blind. I was pretty excited for Girl Talk but there were just WAY too many people there to enjoy it.

By the time we got to our car and got through the traffic, we decided to just go home and go to bed. I’m an old woman and can’t handle staying up late anymore apparently.

Saturday we hung around the house (watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, holy cow that show is insane!) and eventually made our way to Tosa to hang out at a bar.

Today we’ve just been lounging around the house, talking wedding plans (no word from The Iron Horse yet…) and making these cupcakes. Post soon, but here’s a snippet:





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