Boring, Boring

Wanna know why I haven’t posted a lot lately?

It’s because I’m boring.

Honestly, these last few weeks have been crazy. A little too crazy if you know what I mean (i.e. went to Chicago last weekend to reunite with college friends and uh, didn’t get much sleep.) And yes, I was going to update you allll about that (we also did touristy things too that you would maybe slightly enjoy) BUT I used my camera so much that it died. Completely dead. And that would be fine and all…

if I could find my charger. Sometime in the last month I’ve lost it and have no clue where it’s at. So I ordered another one on Amazon last night.

And then I bought Woman’s Day magazine for a $5 subscription.

And then I bought Stevia packets. I’ve never had stevia but it’s a hit in the blog world, so somethings gotta be good about it, right?

Don’t tell me it sucks. I will be sad.

Also, I haven’t forgotten about my giving up being super woman. After next weekend I will have A LOT more time on my hands (well besides the whole working Mon-Fri, 8-5 thang) and I will begin doing activities that I actually enjoy doing or would like to start doing.

Like cooking, baking, photography, WEDDING PLANNING (omg), biking and actually getting into a decent work out routine. I’m definitely not a “I’m gonna go on a diet because I’m getting married” type of person. Diets are stupid. Diets restrict things. And when I’m told I can’t have something…well then I want it even more. So why restrict? I’d rather slowly making lifestyle changes that will be with me forever compared to living in hell for a year and then gaining all of the weight back.

And please don’t start thinking I think I’m way overweight or anything like that. I know I’m not so spare me the comments. I know I could stand to work out more and eat healthier and that’s all I’m changing.

I feel like I’ll truly get the ball rollin’ on August 1 (because I like starting things in a fresh month, year, day, etc.).

My charger should be here in 5-6 days so I’ll have pictures back then! Or maybe you’ll get surprise pictures of our venue this weekend 🙂

    • Thanks, Keri! I am definitely enjoying it so far! When is your wedding?

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