Allergies Are Kicking In

Hi friends!

This weekend has been a busy one that’s for sure. Friday evening Ryan & I needed a night in to just relax. Pretty much since June we have been go, go, go and my body requires a relaxing weekend every once in a while. For dinner, we have burgers & tots (sorry still no pictures, but my charger is on its way!). It was so nice to just stay in and watch some Dexter.

Laundry was accomplished on Saturday which needed to be done baaadly. After laundry and meal planning for the week we headed off to the West Allis Farmer’s Market. There were so many people! And so many veggies, flowers, herbs, EVERYTHING! I definitely had to restrict myself from buying literally everything.

We also stopped by the local Gold’s Gym to see what kind of memberships they have. I currently have a Snap Fitness membership, which I got through an amazing deal by Groupon. But, it will run out in September and while it’s decent and all, Snap doesn’t offer any classes and it pretty small.

A new Gold’s Gym is moving in close where we live and offers tons of different classes (here I come Body Pump & Yoga!), a decent pool, tons of machines (with personalized tvs for me to keep up with Food Network, obviously) and a room with a huge theater sized movie screen! All of this for $20 a month!!! The renovation won’t be complete until August 16, but that’s less than a month a way!

After those errands we came home and I crashed. My allergies have been getting the best of me this weekend (apparently humidity causes allergies to act up). After a nap we headed to the grocery store and spent way too much money. We’re going to start seriously looking at our finances (specifically grocery shopping) and see where we can save some money.

Today has been super lazy, besides vacuuming and a little cleaning here and there. My allergies are getting worse by the minute so I’m sneezing every 5 seconds. It’s super attractive, by the way.

Anyways, sorry for the lack of photos, I realize how boring these posts are getting. They will reappear again though, no fear!


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