Hi friends!

Well it is officially August which means…I have more free time on my hands! And though I haven’t shown the blog much love the past couple days, don’t you fret. I’ve been makin’ plans and takin’ names! (That’s a saying isn’t it? “Takin names?” Whatever, roll with it.)

I’ve been coming up with a few topics I’d like to blog about in the next few days (ahem, a wedding post, recipe post, fitness post) so stuff is in the works!

I participated in my first Twitter chat tonight and absolutely loved it! Everyone chatting in #fitblog is so nice and welcoming. I honestly didn’t think anyone would even look at my little ole’ tweets. I’ll definitely try to chat in more of those because it’s a great way to get your blog out there and “meet” other people.

Other than that, everything else here hasn’t been too interesting. Oh! I did make August goals…maybe that should be my first post! Posted on…August 3rd. Hehe.

Wait, one thing did happen that may be…moreso humorous to you rather than interesting. A client came into where I work today (which means you’re on your best behavior and look like you didn’t just wake up and roll out of bed). I wore a skirt that I’ve only worn once before and what do you know…the zipper BREAKS completely. Like, can’t zip it up at all. Like, my booty is clearly showing.

Granted, this happened at 4 pm, so I only had to make it an extra hour, but uh…how do you walk back to your desk from the bathroom with your tailfeather (thank you Nelly) showing?!

Well friends, you hope and pray no one looks at you and run to your desk. While looking completely calm.

I tried to fix it with a small safety pin but to no avail. It was a hopeless situation, really. Immediately at 5 I bolted for the elevator hoping I wouldn’t have to ride down with anyone. Who was I kidding, I had to ride down with 7 other people! The most I’ve ever ridden with was 2! How were there 7 people that needed to leave work at the same time as me?! Unreal.

Anyways, that’s how my day ended…hopefully none of you had to experience your bee-hind hangin’ out today!


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