Gym Etiquette

Not saying I’m a know-it-all when it comes to workin’ on my fitness at the gym, but I do feel like I know the basics of how to act at the gym. All you really need is common sense (and decency) and you’ve got it in the bag. Yet with all of this being said, I still see people acting as though it is a frat house! (No offense, Ryan 🙂 ).

Rules of Gym Etiquette

1. Don’t be the dude that comes into the gym (with just one other person there, mind you- ahem me) and spray your disgusting cologne all around the gym to choke an innocent bystander. Um, first of all why the  heck are you putting on cologne…at the GYM?! It’s called deoderant. Wear it.


2. While still being one of two people, please do not make it obvious that you are going to the bathroom…3 times…in 40 minutes. Granted, I understand ya gotta go when ya gotta go…but there’s no reason to make it a point to your fellow gym-goer (ahem, me) that you area heading to the john …again.

3. Finally, don’t be that dude that doesn’t wipe down any machine or equipment you use. Like, come on…really?! There are signs plastered everywhere about wiping down the machine once you use it. And I really have no desire to get your nasty cologne sweat on me so please wipe it down. I also don’t understand your thought process of washing  your own hands after working out, but failing to wipe down any machine. Oh, okay so YOU don’t want to be touching your sweat but it’s okay if everyone else does. I get it.

*This is not actually the dude, I’m not that creepy people!*


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