August 2011 Goals

I’m definitely a goal settin’, list makin’ gal. I’ve noticed when I go throughout life without any real goals or anything to look forward to, I get complacent. And then I get bored. And then I get upset with being bored and feel like I’m not truly living life. So I like to make goals. And lists. And lists of goals. And on and on and on.

I’ve also realized though that I need to make smallish, realistic goals. I also enjoy if they are somewhat measurable so I can hold myself accountable. Now add in blogging and I have another medium to help keep me accountable! (Hopefully…)

August Goals

  • Workout 4-5 times a week – Since I’m starting to commit to lookin’ fit for my wedding (and really for a lifestyle change) I need to get into a groove of getting up (or working out after work). This past week I succeeded in working out 5 times, so woohoo! I can’t wait until August 15th when the new Gold’s Gym opens and I can start taking classes.
  • Keep track of ALL of my expenses – Ryan is VERY good at keeping track of his expenses. He just told me he found a receipt he had from 2007. Who does that?! Anyways, it’s not that I’m bad with money. I’d like to think I’m pretty decent with my money. I would just like to know where all of my money goes. Well, I technically know where it goes, bills. But we tend to spend a lot on groceries and it would be nice to cut that down a bit. I already use which is decent, but it’s not very good at categorizing.
  • Stick with a meal plan – You guys don’t even want to know how many recipes I have bookmarked. It’s ugly. I’ve found that if I plan out the meals for the week I get to actually use all of these recipes & use up ingredients we already have in our pantry.
  • Blog 4-5 times a week. Also with working out, I need to find a schedule that fits for me to post. I hate that right now I post haphazardly and with no real rhyme or reason. I’ve realized that how my life is right now, there’s no possible way I could post 3 times a day like some bloggers do and I’m okay with that. Hopefully this stepping stone of 4-5 times can help me work up to once a day.
That’s it for now folks! 
  1. Kim said:

    Ah, Britt. Your goals are making me want to make goals and be accountable. Goal number 1: start a blog. 😉

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