Sore Side

Busy, busy Monday as always! I woke up this morning feeling so groggy for no reason. Super weird. I skipped the AM workout in favor of sleeping in and moved the workout to after work. Some weeks I’m totally fine with waking up early and others I would much rather workout in the evenings. No big deal to me, at least I’m doin’ something!

After waking up I dived into my already made breakfast…Overnight Oats!

Mmm, mmm.

Iced coffee was needed.

Work was work. It’s always super busy on Mondays with multiple meetings and lots to do. I accidentally didn’t bring enough lunch so I was starving by the end of the day. My left side of my body was also really sore. Like, uncomfortably sore. Like I had lifted an 800 pound man sore. I still ended up heading to the gym after work to hopefully relieve some of the soreness.

Dinner was an egg sandwich because we didn’t feel like cooking and had leftovers to eat.

Look forward to an update on the wedding soon!

P.S. Your daily Murph photo:

Yep, see that huge thing across my face?

That’s his tongue. Freak.



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