Wedding Photographer

Oh, the wedding photographer. The next big purchase item on our list. We have a date, a venue, our bridal party and next is the photographer. I know plenty of girls probably would go get the dress as the first purchase, but my logical self wanted to get all of the tasks that requires someone else to be there or depending on whether or not something would be available. In my mind, I figure my dress will always be there so I will get to it when I get to it.

The photographer is probably the 3rd most important aspect of our wedding. The first being, well…US GETTING MARRIED. The second being a reception that would please us and our guests.

I know a lot of people want their photographer to be the best, but we especially do because our theme is somewhat photography related.

This idea came to me in the middle of the night.

No, seriously…I was sleeping and woke up and thought of it!

My first idea was a simple Save the Date similar to this one:


I loved this idea! So cute & simple and a way that I can make a fool of myself in a picture. John & Sherry, not that I know them I just follow their blog Young House Love religiously, created these themselves so I figured I could make them too (and cut down on the ever-growing budget).

I actually thought of  stole this idea way before we decided on a photography theme. Now it just makes sense!

With that idea in place, it suddenly hit me (aka while I was dead asleep) that a photography theme would be perfect for us. We both really love photography, though we are majorly amateurs, we still love capturing all of our fun moments with our friends and family. I’m always the person in my group of friends snapping pictures so it definitely fits our personalities.

Senior night, May 2010

Ryan & I at an OAR concert at Red Rocks in Colorado, Summer 2010

Reunion in Chicago, Summer 2011

Once we decided on this theme, I really wanted to find the perfect photographer. My friend (and bridesmaid!) Kim suggested a couple, and I fell in love with one.

Jules Wiegand.

Take a look at her photos. They are gorgeous.

And even though she’s from Louisville and our wedding is in Wisconsin, she travels!

Nothing is official yet, but fingers crossed that by the end of this week we will have our deposit down and I can check something else off the list!

Now for that dress I need to get…oh boy. Help?

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