Weekend Look Back

This past weekend was nice & relaxing. We didn’t have much on the agenda and that was A-Okay with me. I need a rejuvenating weekend every once in a while.

Friday night Ryan subbed in a softball game so I was on my own for awhile. I love going to the gym on Fridays after work because usually no one else likes to go and I get the place allll to myself.

After my workout I came home and walked Murphy. He’s definitely showing he’s in his teen years. Spoiled brat doesn’t even begin to describe him.

After that I was really indecisive for dinner. Go out and get something? Eggs? Soup? It was getting to a point where I was gonna chew my arm off, similar to how Murphy chews on his leg, so I decided to make falafel.

Yeah, I have no idea where the urge came from. I’ve never even had falafel, let alone make it.

No picture because like I told you, I was super hungry. After that we lounged around and didn’t do much.

Saturday was cleaning day! Ryan’s parents are coming up this coming weekend so we wanted to give the apartment a good scrub down.

Then I spend the rest of the evening with these two knuckleheads:

Here’s to starting a new week! (With keeping up with the goals too!)


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