Dessert Recipe Suggestions?

Morning folks!

Yesterday was crazy! Work was busy, worked out, walked the beast (aka Murph) made dinner and finally caught up with an old friend. I didn’t stop moving/talking until 9:30!

Random, but I’m really starting to feel myself getting used to working out, in a good way. Once I go 2 days without really working out, I start to feel lethargic and just antsy to get to the gym again! It’s definitely a good feeling and hopefully it will stay.

Another random note, but Ryan’s parents are coming up this weekend to visit. We’re trying to think of plans of things to do here in Milwaukee and we’ve got a couple ideas. Definitely a Fish Fry on Friday (very typical here) and maybe a hike on Saturday during the day. We’re also making dinner for them on Saturday and I need a dessert idea! I’m not really thinking brownies or cookies will do…but maybe a pie? Cobbler? Dessert bar? I don’t know! So you tell me…what’s your favorite dessert to make for your parents?

P.S. Be on the look out for a restaurant review tonight!


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