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Yep, it’s that time again, folks.

I’m not gonna lie…September was a hard month for me to keep on track with goals. Maybe it had to do with the changing weather, maybe it had to do with deciding to move into a new house, or maybe it was all of the busy weekends I had, but it was kinda ugly. Alright, let’s get to it.

September 2011 Goals

  • Workout 4-5 times a week (& try at least 2 classes per week): Half check? I did workout 4-5 times a week…but I didn’t try a single new class. Womp, Womp. But hey, that’s okay. We realized we would be moving to a new house (and to a new gym) and I didn’t really feel like getting used to one instructor and having to switch. I have faith that I will try more classes at my new gym.
  • Make healthier eating decisions: I think I did pretty decent at this one. We travelled to two different weddings this month and I felt like I made pretty decent decisions. This can always use improving, but I’m satisfied with this one.
  • Walk Murphy before work: Um, this totally didn’t happen! Not even once. I think I forgot that it was even a goal. Don’t fret, Murphy does get his daily walk but it’s always after work. You win some, you lose some, right?
  • Blog 4-5 times a week: Sort of, halfway, kinda check? It was more like 2-3 times but with all of the changes going on, I’m pretty comfortable with that.
Check back soon for my October goals! (Yep, they are never-ending & this time they are a doozy)

Morning homies!

Another wedding marked off the 2011 list!

We traveled (again) this weekend to go to (another) wedding. Don’t get me wrong I love going to weddings, but we haven’t had an at home weekend since….June? And this was our 11th wedding in the 2 years we’ve been together. Whoasies.

This weekend’s wedding was at our alma mater Purdue. This was our first time back since last April so we were pumped to go back and see some old friends.

Before we left though, we officially found out that someone is taking over our lease in our apartment which means WE DON’T HAVE TO PAY YAY!

We were almost certain that someone would take over our lease, but we didn’t know for sure when we signed the papers for the new house (!!!). We got word on Friday that someone will be moving into our place so of course we celebrated with wine. At 2pm in the afternoon. Jealous?

Anyways, back to the wedding. We got into town on Friday night and met up with a big group of friends. Isn’t it so nice to see friends from college that you haven’t seen in a while?

Of course some socializing happened…

$8 mini pitchers of rum & coke?! Sign me up!

Well, more like sign everyone else up. I decided to be sober driver because I’m so nice awesome. We still ended up staying up until 5 am!

The ceremony was a traditional Catholic ceremony and of course the bride looked beautiful.

Next up… Paaarty!

Congrats to Erin & Nick!

Hello friends! It’s Thursday night and you know what that means…

Office night!

Yep, avid Office fan right here. Besides that we’re packing up to travel to another wedding this weekend, this one at Purdue, our college hometown! We’re pretty excited to see friends that we haven’t seen in a while. Plus it will be nice to be there and not have to have homework to go back to :).

Lifewise, it’s crazy as always. We’re moving into a new house (!!!) next weekend so we’ve been sort of packing (ahem, not really). We’re also sorting out some life happenings (nothing bad, all really good! And no it’s not a baby) and that’s been taking up some time.

Wedding-wise it’s going well but kind of stalled. I went to a bridal expo last weekend (uh, craziest thing EVER) and got lots of stellar info of local vendors to use. I’m determined to lock down a photobooth before Sept. 30 and then that will wrap up my September goals for the wedding!

I really plan to use this fall/winter to work on all aspects of my blog. I definitely want to change how it looks and devote more time & write quality posts so I just need to make more time in the day and that will solve that problem, right? 🙂

Have a good Thursday evening!

It took me until the end of summer, but I finally went to a Brewer’s game! Granted, I was rooting for the Cardinals, but I think it still counts :).

Here in Milwaukee, tailgating is as nearly as important as the game is, so we prepared accordingly.

Little mini grill comes in handy at times like these!

Brats & burgers = perfect baseball game food.


And homemade not homemade guac accompanied.

And of course pumpkin beer. Not as pumpkin-y as a I like, but I dig Blue Moon.


Not so weirdo.


Blue bunny racing!

Super cool slide that Bernie the Brewer goes down whenever the Brewer’s get a home run. I begged Ryan to let me go down it. I failed.

The Cardinals won. Obviously, since I attended the game. Great night to break up the work week!

Well as you can see, this post is about our little man’s first trip to the dog park! I promise this isn’t turning into a dog blog but I know there are some readers (i.e. my home friend Kim) that like seeing Murphy. The rest of you will have to either suffer or skip over this post 🙂

Ready to be unleashed…

First encounter!

Tongue out!

Second encounter!

Ahhhh new best friend!!!!

Mom, I love you SO much right now.

Me thirsty.

Don’t look at me.

Mom, seriously. I love you SO much.

Ma! Get my good side!

I so happy.

I like when people pay attention to me.

Do we have to go hooome?!

Well ladies & gentlemen, yesterday I attended my first yoga class!

Yep I’m gettin’ back on that workout wagon like there is no tomorrow!

I’m not gonna lie. I was kinda nervous.

What if I look weird? What if everyone thinks I’m a noob? What if everyone knows what they’re doing and I don’t? 

Blah. Blah. Blah.

All I heard from myself were excuses and since it is National Yoga Month I figured now is as good as a time than any to start!

I had to talk myself down and realize that A) probably no one is paying attention to me anyways and B) you gotta start somewhere.

I’ve always been intrigued by yoga but figured I wasn’t flexible, hippie, cool, collected enough to succeed at it. After starting to read healthy living blogs for about a year now (crazy!) I’ve realized that everyone was a beginner at one point and I’ll never know if I will enjoy it if I never try.

The verdict?


It was so relaxing and it was a great beginner class. The instructor, Nancy made new & old people feel welcomed and at home. I think a main reason why I like yoga is that there’s really no being good or bad at it. It’s just…do what you are able to do at that moment in time. I already plan on attending the next class (tonight!).


Question: Do you practice yoga? Love it? Leave it? Let me know!

The post you’ve all been waiting for….

Ha. In all seriousness picking colors for our wedding was a somewhat difficult task. I really have no preference toward any one color so I really had to compare a lot of colors before picking a palette. I love almost every color (except brown, at least not for my wedding) so I wanted to try to pick one main color, and then use a bunch of other colors to compliment the main one (without looking like a rainbow).

I’ve finally decided on….


Jewel tones!

The main color being blue (most likely the color of the bridesmaids dresses)


With maybe a hint of hot pink (for my flowers?)


I’d also like to throw in some emerald too. Anyone out there have any ideas?!