August Goals: Revisited

Well here we are. September 1st! So crazy. And in a year from tomorrow (!!!) I will be getting married ohmygosh. I predict this next year shall be a good one. But let’s not talk about the next year! Let’s talk about this past month & how I did.

August Goals: Revisited

  • Work out 4-5 times a week- Check! The new gym opening up near our apartment really helped out with this one. And Ryan beginning to work out too. Most weeks I did 4 but a couple of them I did 5. The classes are just starting at my gym and I’m already planning on going to 3 next week. I’ve never taken any classes so it should be interesting. (Any tips for a yoga newbie?).
  • Keep track of all of my expenses- Check! Granted, I did wait until August 15th to track the first two weeks, but I still kept my receipts! It’s obvious that most of my money goes to bills, which can’t really be changed but we did realized we’d like to come down on groceries at some point.
  • Stick with a meal plan- Sort of check! Though, I knew we wouldn’t stick to it religiously. But that wasn’t the main point of doing it anyways. I typically plan 5 meals each week with either stuff we already have or at least incorporating what we have. I hate wasting food and it’s also a really great way to not get into a rut of eating the same things over and over.
  • Blog 4-5 times a week- Uhhh. Okay so I did better than what I was. I moreso stuck around the 3 times a week. Which isn’t a bad thing but people like consistency and when I post at irregular times it doesn’t bode well. I’m still struggling with this one so maybe it will be another goal for September.

All in all not a bad month for goals! I’ll be back soon with my September goals. Have a great day!

Question: Do you work better when you have goals? 


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