September 2011 Goals

Betcha didn’t see this one coming… 🙂

I just can’t help myself! I love being able to track my goals and blogging about them keeps me accountable. Here’s to another month of goal checkin’!

September 2011 Goals

  • Workout 4-5 times a week (& try at least 2 classes per week): Yep same goal as last month except a little more amped. I really want to get into the groove of consistently working out and since I’m paying for these classes I might as well try them out. (Confession: I’ve never actually taken a fitness class so it shall be interesting). I’m excited to try Body Pump, Spinning & Yoga for sure. I’d also like to take some of the swim classes, but I’m really not good at swimming. We’ll see!
  • Make healthier eating decisions: So I realize this isn’t a very specific goal but I don’t really know how I want to make it more specific so I’m not. I eat pretty good for the most part, it’s just when we go out to eat (which really isn’t that often) I tend to want to splurge.
  • Walk Murphy before work: Ugh, I’ve really tried with this. I spent 2 weeks actually getting up early going to the gym annnd then I quit. I just can’t get up! But if I’m getting up for Murphy it’s not that bad. We already walk him in the evenings so it would be nice if he could get movin’ twice in one day.
  • Blog 4-5 times a week: ‘Nough said.

That’s it for this month! (Help keep me accountable!).

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  1. I’m messing with this “Twitter adder” thing and going through accounts and… long story short, found your page, saw that you’re into goals and thought I’d share this blog/system I’m putting together for handling goals. Check out the “Pwning Life System”. Let me know what you think if you check it out! 🙂

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