5 Things Thursday

1. I’m currently obsessed with Foster the People. (Yeah I know I’m late to the game, whatevs.) Can’t. Stop. Jamming. Oh yeah, and also obsessed with this too. Maybe I should learn the dance for this weekend’s wedding like Courtney did?

2. Along with talking about weddings….I really have a higher appreciation for people who put on these shindigs. Not that I thought it was super easy, but a lot of planning (*cough* money) goes into it. Also, I owe you guys a colors post!

3. Tonight for dinner we made Jenna’s chicken pot pie. This isn’t the first time we’ve made it but I’m still omgyuming over it. So much that I made up a word.

4. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting up early to workout? I know Julie has written a few posts on it but I just can’t. get. up. And I’d really like to start getting the workouts done early so I have the evening to cook & bake & play!

5. The months of September & October are jammed packed. Like whoa.

Murph alert!

1 comment
  1. This is my #Unfollowed… comment? 😀 (I usually email or tweet it.) I explain everything here. Here’s a trick I tell people to motivate themselves to run/exercise that works pretty well for some people, but I’ve never suggested it to someone having trouble getting up. What you do is put on all of your workout gear, but tell yourself that you’ll only run (or even walk) a couple blocks if you don’t feel like doing more than that. Once you’re all dressed, ready to go and outside, you’re usually up for doing more than just a little bit even if you told yourself you weren’t going to do much. 🙂

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