The post you’ve all been waiting for….

Ha. In all seriousness picking colors for our wedding was a somewhat difficult task. I really have no preference toward any one color so I really had to compare a lot of colors before picking a palette. I love almost every color (except brown, at least not for my wedding) so I wanted to try to pick one main color, and then use a bunch of other colors to compliment the main one (without looking like a rainbow).

I’ve finally decided on….


Jewel tones!

The main color being blue (most likely the color of the bridesmaids dresses)


With maybe a hint of hot pink (for my flowers?)


I’d also like to throw in some emerald too. Anyone out there have any ideas?!


1 comment
  1. Kim said:

    LOVE IT! I kind of figured, judging on the Pins on your board, but I wanted to hear the official word. =)

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