My First Yoga Class

Well ladies & gentlemen, yesterday I attended my first yoga class!

Yep I’m gettin’ back on that workout wagon like there is no tomorrow!

I’m not gonna lie. I was kinda nervous.

What if I look weird? What if everyone thinks I’m a noob? What if everyone knows what they’re doing and I don’t? 

Blah. Blah. Blah.

All I heard from myself were excuses and since it is National Yoga Month I figured now is as good as a time than any to start!

I had to talk myself down and realize that A) probably no one is paying attention to me anyways and B) you gotta start somewhere.

I’ve always been intrigued by yoga but figured I wasn’t flexible, hippie, cool, collected enough to succeed at it. After starting to read healthy living blogs for about a year now (crazy!) I’ve realized that everyone was a beginner at one point and I’ll never know if I will enjoy it if I never try.

The verdict?


It was so relaxing and it was a great beginner class. The instructor, Nancy made new & old people feel welcomed and at home. I think a main reason why I like yoga is that there’s really no being good or bad at it. It’s just…do what you are able to do at that moment in time. I already plan on attending the next class (tonight!).


Question: Do you practice yoga? Love it? Leave it? Let me know!

  1. I think everyone feels self-consious their first time at any fitness class…and nobody notices what you’re worried about except for you. That said, my first yoga class, I passed gas during child’s pose. I was so humiliated that I never went back. I found a different studio. Ha!

  2. Haha well that didn’t happen at my first class, but I can feel your pain 🙂 I love that yoga is so non-judgemental!

  3. Katie said:

    I’ve been meaning to try yoga myself! …however I’m more worried about what I would wear…and of course falling on the girl next to me.

    • Katie you HAVE to give it a shot! I just wore capri pants and a tank top. It’s so nice because it’s so non-judgemental and you just do what you are comfortable with and that’s perfectly fine!!

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