Murphy’s First Trip To The Dog Park

Well as you can see, this post is about our little man’s first trip to the dog park! I promise this isn’t turning into a dog blog but I know there are some readers (i.e. my home friend Kim) that like seeing Murphy. The rest of you will have to either suffer or skip over this post 🙂

Ready to be unleashed…

First encounter!

Tongue out!

Second encounter!

Ahhhh new best friend!!!!

Mom, I love you SO much right now.

Me thirsty.

Don’t look at me.

Mom, seriously. I love you SO much.

Ma! Get my good side!

I so happy.

I like when people pay attention to me.

Do we have to go hooome?!

  1. Kim said:

    I’m cracking up at Murphy and his new best friend. Looks like he had a blast. Boone would totally love a dog park and Phemie would be scared to death.

  2. Murphy & Boone should play together some time. Bring him. DO IT.

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