My First Brewers Game

It took me until the end of summer, but I finally went to a Brewer’s game! Granted, I was rooting for the Cardinals, but I think it still counts :).

Here in Milwaukee, tailgating is as nearly as important as the game is, so we prepared accordingly.

Little mini grill comes in handy at times like these!

Brats & burgers = perfect baseball game food.


And homemade not homemade guac accompanied.

And of course pumpkin beer. Not as pumpkin-y as a I like, but I dig Blue Moon.


Not so weirdo.


Blue bunny racing!

Super cool slide that Bernie the Brewer goes down whenever the Brewer’s get a home run. I begged Ryan to let me go down it. I failed.

The Cardinals won. Obviously, since I attended the game. Great night to break up the work week!

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