Premiere Night

Hello friends! It’s Thursday night and you know what that means…

Office night!

Yep, avid Office fan right here. Besides that we’re packing up to travel to another wedding this weekend, this one at Purdue, our college hometown! We’re pretty excited to see friends that we haven’t seen in a while. Plus it will be nice to be there and not have to have homework to go back to :).

Lifewise, it’s crazy as always. We’re moving into a new house (!!!) next weekend so we’ve been sort of packing (ahem, not really). We’re also sorting out some life happenings (nothing bad, all really good! And no it’s not a baby) and that’s been taking up some time.

Wedding-wise it’s going well but kind of stalled. I went to a bridal expo last weekend (uh, craziest thing EVER) and got lots of stellar info of local vendors to use. I’m determined to lock down a photobooth before Sept. 30 and then that will wrap up my September goals for the wedding!

I really plan to use this fall/winter to work on all aspects of my blog. I definitely want to change how it looks and devote more time & write quality posts so I just need to make more time in the day and that will solve that problem, right? 🙂

Have a good Thursday evening!

    • Nope we are moving to Waukesha!! We are sooo excited (yet kind of dreading moving all weekend).

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