Moving Day

Guess what this past weekend was?!


*Insert happy dance here*

We are SO excited to move into our new house! Well, we are technically renting…but either way IT’S A HOUSE. With a yard! And 4 bedrooms! And 2 full bathrooms! And a gas stove!

It’s the little things people.

Anyways, we packed  all Friday night. I mean….all. Friday. night. It was a blast, lemme tell ya.

Not gonna lie, I’ve slacked in the packing department before Friday. I just felt like, well we can’t move anything anyways so why not just do it Friday? Major props to Ryan for picking up the slack on my end.

Pandora helped with packing…until we had to turn off the internet, wah.


More stuffs.

Yay moving out!

Wah packing.

Another down side to moving is we may not have internet/cable until November 4th. Psh. I can deal without cable but since home is the only place I check my e-mail (not able to at work and I’m in the ancient times and don’t have internet on my phone) so that will stink. Hence why I am currently sitting at a McDonalds stealing borrowing their internet.

Though we don’t really have much to decorate our house (I still consider us just starting out) I’m excited to start slowly decorating.

Pinterest has given me ideas out the wazoo so it will be hard deciding what I want each room to look like.

Time for me to head back to packing! Goals post up tomorrow, if I can get to internet!

    • Ha! Yep we proudly own a chest freezer and it can now hide in our new basement 🙂

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