Looks Like I’ve Gone Missing

Well looks like I’ve gone and fell of the face of the earth!

Nope just kidding, I’m still here.

Last week was our first week in the house so it was spent organizing, de-cluttering and situating. Most everything now has a place but there are a few rooms that still need to be organized….

For now we will just ignore those rooms until…well we get fed up with looking at it.

 Still no cable (sniff) or internet (SOB) right now. We called to make an appointment in the middle of September and the first available date? November 4th. We’ve been calling every other day to see if someone has cancelled but the only movement we got was being bumped to November 3rd. Wah.

I’ll survive, I just really miss blogging, reading blogs, Twitter, Pinterest and just being able to check my e-mail at home. (Yep, still using a phone with no internet. They do exist people). I do have a lot of ideas for my blog and where I want it to go, so I suppose I am accomplishing tasks behind the scenes. I have so many ideas but now I need to make a plan to execute them. Off to try Zumba for the first time!

(P.S. I also realize I never posted my October goals. Seeing as I was moving & having no internet and it being October 11, it seems a little silly to post them now. They’ll be back for November!)


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