It’s Almost Here!!!

Our internet I mean!!!!

I know I am obsessing over the internet but I have been missing it oh so much. I have a laundry list of things I want to talk about on the blog once we get back up and running, so excited! I’m hoping since I’ll most likely be a homebody thru the months of November- March (since I live in Wisconsin, ya know) I will be able to do some major work on this here bloggy.

Anywho, this past weekend we went to our last wedding of 2011. Finally.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some weddings but I need a few weekends without traveling, moving, entertaining, etc. I’m hoping to hit up the Farmer’s Market this weekend (the last one, sniff!) and just do some relaxing and organizing. Yep on Halloween weekend. I can’t help it I’m so cool 🙂

Not much else has been going on except trying Body Pump for the first time (success!) & work. Gotta jet!

P.S. Does anyone have a Mac and use Ecto? I love my Mac but using WordPress to blog is slowly crushing my soul.


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