A Lazy Sunday

Hiya friends!

This weekend has been one of those rejuvenating, IneedtowatchNetflixallweekend kind of weekends.

Friday evening was spent partially freaking out about Murphy eating a Reese’s cup (with the full wrapper on, of course) and frantically googling how much chocolate will kill a dog…and partially watching Mad Men on Netflix (I needed a new show after Lost…)

Yep this sweet, innocent looking dog…

is a beast that will swallow anything within 5 seconds flat. I discovered after googling for an hour (and missing my window to go to the gym) that he had to have eaten 35 oz of chocolate to be in danger…and he ate .7 oz. So I over-exaggerated a bit.

Saturday was spent getting free prints of our engagement pictures at Walgreens (!!!), pinterest, cleaning the house, watching even more Mad Men (and Dexter) and making a delicious spaghetti squash dish  that I will have to share on the blog some time!

Speaking of engagement pictures…here are a few of my favorites:

*Love our photographer!!!!

Sunday we went to Church, ran some errands, finished our wedding website (check it out! RyanBrittney.ourwedding.com) and did our couple assessment assignment. It wasn’t too difficult, but I really didn’t like how some of the questions were worded. I think I’ll touch on this in a different post.

Well, time for me to hang with my boys & eat some yummy pot roast!

Question: How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Tell me!

  1. Kim said:

    My sister’s beagle Snoopy (our first dog) once ate an entire bag of Hershey’s kisses. And when I say an entire bag, I mean, literally, the bag and the wrappers and EVERYTHING. Dogs. Are. Crazy!

    Also, what is your wedding website?!

    My weekend was tiring. The highlight was taking Boone and Phemie to have their pictures with Santa at the Vanderburgh Humane Society. =)

    • Oh shoot! Forgot to add the website…added it back in for ya 🙂 It’s just the typical theknot.com one. Nothing really fancy. And omg was Snoopy seriously ill?! I was freaking out over Murphy.

  2. Kim said:

    Snoopy ended up being fine. I’m surprised the combination of everything didn’t make her sick. She was a trooper, though. And I freak out when Boone and Phemie eat random stuff too, so I understand your freaking out.

    • Kim said:

      oops. I meant to reply to your reply. haha. And what’s up with the time stamps?!

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