Couple Assessment – Wedding Talk

Like I mentioned last night, Ryan & I had to complete our couple assessment yesterday as a part of our requirement to get married in our church. It wasn’t something either of us were really nervous about, because we’ve talked about everything serious we would need to way before now.















I will not be hyphenating my name, so I will in fact be, Brittney Lynn Lynn. 🙂

There were general questions (gender, age, if you’re living together, etc), family questions (how does your family handle leadership, what kind of house did you grow up in, etc) and then a lot of “strongly disagree to strongly agree” type questions.

Most were okay and could easily be answered, but a few I/ we had a hard time answering (we answered the questions separately but discussed them after). Here are a few of the questions that we had “what the heck?!” kind of responses.

“Even though we have relationship issues now, I think having children will make us happier”

Well, no, we don’t have relationship issues and I don’t think children will make our “issues” go away, but…children would make us happier (at least I would hope) so…agree or disagree?!

“Love is all you need to have a healthy relationship”

Love isn’t allllll you need, but…it is definitely important…agree or disagree?!

“You get stressed out about wedding details”

Kind of, but not crazy stressed. Stress can mean different things for different people…agree or disagree?!

These questions were worded in a way that made you question which answer your partner would pick. It all depends on how you interpret the question. I know that you can’t “fail” this test but I feel like questions like these were put in on purpose to throw couples off.

Question: What do you think? Are these questions off the wall or justified? Would you agree or disagree with these? 

  1. Kim said:

    Those questions are odd. I understand posing them to generate discussion between the couple, but the way in which they’re posed is odd, especially the one about children.

    • Yeah I understood why they asked them, but some of them were worded in a way to make you question what you want your answer to be.

      • Kim said:

        I don’t look forward to filling one of those out someday. Considering I failed a personality assessment for my first part-time job, I bet I can fail a test like that too.

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