Tonight Ryan & I (and Murphy) are venturing to Chicago to visit one of his fraternity brothers. Chicago is only an hour and half from Milwaukee, but with traffic (and it being Friday traffic….) it will probably take closer to 2 hours.

I’ve been to Chicago a handful of times but I still don’t really know the city that well. I like it enough, but it’s not my favorite. Basically because of traffic. And because if you want to “go out” you pretty much have to take a taxi everywhere and I hate wasting money on stupid stuff like that.

Either way it should be a good time, I just hope Murphy doesn’t freak out like he did last time we travelled somewhere. He whined literally the ENTIRE night therefore we got no sleep (well, I did because I can pass out easily). He’s usually pretty good at other places so it was strange.

Side note: The title of this post…is an inside joke. The guy we are visiting came up here during the summer and Ryan, him and another friend were grilling for my friend and me. Ryan specifically pointed out the guys and was like, “Guys, let’s go watch the grill and sit outside.” I asked, “Why did you only point out the guys? Why can’t we watch the grill to?” (Not like I really see any point in watching a grill….but that’s besides the point). He said it was because we’re girls and we don’t watch grills, guys do. I had mentioned to the friend that we are visiting this weekend how it wasn’t fair and how probably later that night they are gonna go play pool or something without us. He turned into billiards and all of the guys were cracking up at me (they aren’t pool/billiards playing people at all).

Random story that you don’t care about is now….over.

And here is the song I keep playing, oh…pretty much everywhere- in my car, at the gym (or at least singing it in my head at the gym), while I get ready….

LMFAO gets me everytime.

Question: What are you folks up to this weekend? Any fun plans?


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  1. Kim said:

    In February a friend and I visited one of her friends who lives on the outskirts of Chicago. We took the train into the city, which was pretty neat, and then a taxi to the art museum, and finally walked to one of the theatres to see Les Miserables. Days like that are why I would like to visit Chicago (or bigger cities) more often because you don’t get that around here, but at heart, I know I’m a small town girl. I just want to visit the bright lights and big city.

    Weekend plans? I’m off today (Thank you Veterans!) and Ben’s coming over for a How I Met Your Mother/whatever movies we want movie marathon. We shall do a puzzle and get Canton for lunch. Tomorrow I’m going to try to tackle some Christmas shopping, and Sunday I have a baby shower to attend!

    Hey look, my comment was a blog post in itself. 😉

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