Steak n’ Potatoes

Tonight’s RPM class wasn’t the best for me. I actually think I like RPM better than just cycling (seems more hardcore, at least to me) but today was just not my day. I had a Clif bar before class and for some reason it did not sit well in my stomach at all. Thankfully what I thought was an hour class was only 45 minutes so I made it thru. Believe me, I bolted out of there to get into my warm car and drive home.


We’ve had these filets in our freezer for a while and I knew I wanted to use them up. We’re trying our best to use items out of our fridge that has been neglected so it doesn’t get all freezy burnt.

I rarely eat steak, but when I do I remember why I like it so much. I hate to pay the extra at restaurants for steaks but I enjoy a home cooked steak every once in while, especially if it’s filet mignon!










Alongside some roasted potatoes!










Tossed with some italian seasoning, pepper and sea salt.










Yum-o! Off to watch more Dexter!

(I’m behind the times and am only on season 4)

Question: Are you a steak & potatoes type of person? Why or why not?


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