First Body Step

So I thought Body Pump & Sh’Bam was hard

and then I took Body Step.


That class is absolutely insane!!!

According to Les Mills (can you tell I’m obsessed with this website?) you can burn around 620 calories! Not that I’m going just on the calorie burn count but that is crazy! I was sweaty, huffing & puffing the ENTIRE 60 minutes.

I was one of four who was completely new to step and you could totally tell. I had no idea what way I was going sometimes, I was up when everyone else was down, but I kept at it!

The instructor (who also teaches the Body Pump class I like) told us that it takes 5-6 classes to fully “get” the class. The only thing that stinks is that this is the only time it is offered (because it’s a new class so they are testing the waters) so I’ll have to fully commit to the class even I want to get any better. We shall see!

Question: Have you taken a Body Step or any Step class before? 

It seems like it would be easy, but that’s sooo not the case!

    • Thank goodness someone else was as confused as I was!!! Since it was the first step class at our gym, our instructor was like, NO ONE LEAVE. Since she wanted us to give it chance…I can’t decide if I’ll go back.

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