Groupon Saturday

How’s the weekend going? Mine is going pretty great.

Friday night we stayed in, ordered Chinese food and relaxed.

Saturday, however, was busy!

Started with a workout, my first Cycling class on a weekend! For some reason I was struggling during the 45 minutes. My legs felt so heavy, no clue why. Maybe because I did hit the gym hard this week six days in a row (with harder classes than usual). Either way, I made it through and that’s all that matters.

After the class, we showered up, ate some lunch and headed out to our first Groupon place of purchase for the day…










To get my hair(s) cut! I’m really bad about waiting too long to get my hair cut and I don’t have a set hair stylist here, so a Groupon was the way to go. Let’s get real though, I bought it because of the deep conditioning…my thick hair could use it.
















All done! I LOVE it. It’s so light and airy and LESS thick  and easier to handle.

Next up…










Whole Foods! (I realize this isn’t actually a Groupon, but they are all the same…)

Our purchase included, Dark Chocolate PB, two different cheeses, tempeh (first time!), fresh salmon (on tap for dinner tonight, booyah), nutritional yeast (another first!) and 2 dark chocolate bars.

Our final destination…










The Loaded Slate!

The Loaded Slate is unique because on all of the tables and the bar it has chalkboards. Of course, we had to play some hangman to get started.










Mature. (By the way, Ryan totally forgot to put the “N” in the blank after I said it…)










I’m really liking trying veggie sandwiches/burgers at restaurants lately, so I went with the Slated Veggie sandwich, with a side of homemade chips.
















Beers first, though.
















Excuse my squinty eyes. Dang flash.










The sandwich was decent, but nothing to write home about. If the mushrooms would have been a large portabello, instead of smaller mushrooms, I think that would have worked better. And with a spicy mayo.

Today has been filled with church, the library, a trip to Sam’s (holy fruit & veggie overload!) and watching Gossip Girl. Yep…Gossip Girl. Don’t judge me, it’s on Netflix!

Question: What’s on your Netflix instant queue?

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