Big Announcement….

…that’s coming soon!

Ha! Gotcha!

But seriously, I am sorry to do that to you but I do have an announcement that is exciting that I have not told the blogland about yet. (And no, I am NOT pregnant…if you are thinking that.)

I need a little more time to write up a proper post and don’t have time to do that tonight so you must wait.

A workout didn’t happen today, but that is a-okay with me. I think I needed a mini-break. I’m attempting my second Body Step class tomorrow. I say attempting because, well…I’m pretty terrible. But that’s okay! Because it’s a new class to my gym, so everyone is new! Not really, plenty of people have taken a Step class but I keep telling myself that everyone is new.

Alright, I need to catch up on the Teen Mom 2 episode I recorded last night. Yes I have no shame. And no sense of good television. But hey, that’s a-okay!

Question: Have any big news? If not, what’s your favorite guilty pleasure tv show?

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