Stepped To The Max

Hiya friends!

Not much here, just relaxing while watching the new Office episode. Any Office fans out there? I feel like it’s gonna  bit down since Steve Carrell left…but I’m still giving it a chance.

Anywho, since I didn’t work out yesterday, I knew I wanted to go hard at the gym tonight. And that meant one thing…












Body Step.

It was my second class and I think it kicked my ass twice as hard as last time.

Body Step is by far the hardest class ever. I swear, I could do two RPM classes in a row  and not sweat/ huff & puff as much as I do in the one hour class of Body Step. Since it’s brand new at my gym a lot of us are new, which honestly is a reason I keep going. Since I’m not the only one new *ahem…stinks at it* I probably wouldn’t continue going. Plus the instructor, who also teaches the Body Pump class I love, is really motivating yet generally nice. You can tell she just wants you to truly do your best and boy does she push you!

But that’s exactly what I need. I can’t kick my own booty as much as she can so I love it. Most of the time. When I’m actually getting the steps.

In other news, we’ve officially picked a honeymoon! And I’m officially purchasing my wedding dress this weekend. AHHHHHH!!!! And we’re working on Save the Dates this weekend. I’m trying to call my inner DYI-ness to complete this project so if they end up looking nice I’ll explain how I did them. If they end up not so stellar….then I can show you how to not make Save the Dates.

If you want a hint, I’m copying this cute couple.

Question: What’s a class (or workout) that really pushes you?

Are you a fan of the Office?


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