Monday, Monday

I did not want to get up today.

Like, at all.

For some reason I did not sleep very well at all last night. It was miserable. maybe it had to do with taking a 2 1/5 hour nap yesterday afternoon…whoops.

So back to it, today did not start out well. I was groggy, fumbling around, ate too small of a breakfast and was just all around out of it.



Me, passed out. (kidding…)

Being out of it on a Monday is not an option so I grabbed some coffee from the break room. Low and behold…IT WAS FLAVORED COFFEE!! Now usually I’m okay with flavored coffee, but this particular flavor was absolutely disgusting and I was not prepared.

No coffee made for a long day and I was really debating on going to the gym all day. I really love getting back into the gym on Mondays (especially for my beloved Body Pump!) but I was still feelin’ tired.

By 5:oo pm I decided doing a workout wouldn’t make me feel worse so I packed up and headed to the gym

So glad I did! You’ll never regret a workout (at least that’s what the blogland says!). We used an old track tonight (58, I think?) so it was nice to hear some new tunes. The squat track was killer!

Off to watch last nights Dexter! Second to last episode 😦

Question: How was your Monday? Anything to look forward to this week/weekend?


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