Zumba Tuesdays

Hiya folks! Hope this Tuesday went well for you. Mine wasn’t too bad. Though I did wake up with a swollen eye for no apparent reason. Weird. It better not be swollen shut tomorrow…

Tonight’s workout consisted of 20 minutes on the elliptical & a Zumba class. I quickly realized once I started going to all of these classes that I couldn’t do Body Pump on Mondays, Cycling on Tuesdays and be able to have energy to go to the gym on Wednesday. I tried it for a few weeks and it never failed, every Wednesday I was exhausted and couldn’t muster up the energy to head to the gym. Once I changed up my routine and added Zumba to Tuesday I’ve been successful with getting my booty to the gym on Wednesdays.

The only thing that stinks is that Zumba doesn’t start until 7pm on Tuesdays. I don’t really enjoy going home and waiting around, but I typically have a meal that night that will need a little prep, so I use the time I wait to prep.

Speaking of Zumba, can I just say that I think the main reason why I love it is that they use Pitbull for a number of songs?! Love me some Pitbull.

One of my favs…


Any other Pitbull fans out there?

Dinner tonight was straight outta the freezer. French Onion Soup w/ a cheese & avocado sandwich. Avocados were 49 cents at Aldi…uhh yeah I jumped on that!



Off to watch some Teen Mom 2!

Question: Pitbull and Teen Mom 2 fans? Anyone?

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