You Got Me Again, Body Step

Happy Thursday! It’s definitely been a long day for me, but tomorrow is Friday and I am ready! We’re going down to Indianapolis for a fun Christmas party with friends from college. And on Saturday me and my maid of honor are going to look for bridesmaid dresses. Ah!

Anyways, I skipped all sorts of working out yesterday in favor of rest. Maybe I should make Wednesdays my typical rest day? I always feel so worn down on Wednesdays…weird.

Tonight I was back at it with Body Step. Guys, this class is so hard for me! I’m definitely getting better at knowing the steps since we’re using the same exact tracks for 3 weeks in a row, but I am always completely worn out by the end (let’s get real…after the first 20 minutes). It was twice as packed tonight as it usually is (there’s only one time it’s offered right now) which made me feel a little better since some people were completely new. I’m going to keep trying (I think) because it is truly an athletic workout. Completely insane.

Tonight for dinner we had fish, kale chips – a la Clean Eating Chelsey (love these by the way!) and mushroom and brown rice casserole.


Yum-o! Except I didn’t realize the casserole was going to take an hour to bake so I was starving by the time it was done. Still delicious.

Question: What’s everyone up to this weekend? Fun plans? Christmas parties?

  1. Kim said:

    Your posts make me want to work out and feel the pain and torture of regular gym visits. =P

    Weekend plans… hmm. Tomorrow night Ben and I are going to the Civic Theatre’s production of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It’s done as a 1940’s radio play.. yet it’s on stage. I’m curious to see how it goes. Saturday I must clean, and clean, and clean. Sunday I think the fam and the boy and I might make Christmas cookies, then Ben and I have a Christmas party.

    That makes me sound way more fun than I actually am.

  2. Haha…you should try a gym! The classes aren’t near as terrifying as I thought they would be. Plus, you don’t really realize you are working out. Except for when you’re doing Body Step…

    Tomorrow sounds fun! How was your anniversary?!

    • Kim said:

      Update on Saturday plans: no cleaning has been accomplished. But I have good reasons, which I will fill you in on privately. 😉

      The anniversary was good! We had Chinese for dinner (yum!) and Orange Leaf for dessert and then did our anniversary/Christmas gift exchange (we’re combining the two since they’re so close together). He handmade roses and gave them to me in a vintage 1966 heart-shaped Snoopy vase! He also got me a gold & silver vintage Snoopy necklace. The boy did goooooood. I’ll send pictures.

      Can’t wait to hear about the bridesmaid dress hunt!

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