Christmas: A Couple Days Late


Ah, it’s good to be back to a somewhat routine. Though, I had Monday off of work and will have this Friday off too, so it’s only a 3 day work week which does complicate some things. I’m not complaining though, because Friday we’ll be in Colorado!

Colorado Pictures 

It won’t look quite like that, but who cares it’s the mountains! 🙂

We leave bright and early Friday morning and will be hanging out in the Boulder/Denver area until the 1st and then heading up to Vail to finish out the trip. I don’t really do the whole skiing/snowboarding thing (I have tried. I am terrible) but there are other peeps who don’t as well so we will all hang out together and not be sore 🙂

It will be so nice to be out there again. Both Ryan & I love it (along with anyone who ever visits the area…ever) and we can’t wait to see friends we haven’t seen since we got engaged!

Christmas: A Couple Days Late

With all of the traveling we have done in the past 4 days, we never had time to have our own little Christmas. We decided to have our Christmas tonight so we can start our own traditions. Though starting traditions is harder than one would think…I think it will be easier when we have our own kids (a long, long time from now). We don’t even have ole Murph man with us because he’s staying at Ryan’s parents while we are gone to Colorado. I already miss him 😦

Anywho! Here are some of the delicious treats we had for our very first Christmas together in Wisconsin!


Here we have some jalapeno popper dip, chips, buffalo chorizo dip, bbq weinies, hidden valley ranch dip & a beef house roll with cinnamon dip (omgz).



Soooo yummy. Ryan made everything since he had off work today, all I did was the eating 🙂

Question: How was your Christmas/holiday?

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