Hello From Kansas City!

We made it, we made it! After a 4AM wake up call we have arrived in Kansas City for a layover.

I thought I would have trouble getting up, but I think since I was so excited I could barely sleep. So pumped to have some vacation and to see friends. And of course, to see this:


Of course we saw ole Larry.

Or who we thought was Larry! Frontier has different animals on all their different aircraft carriers. Once I looked them up it might actually be Charlie the cougar. Or Larry Jr.

Tomato juice! I don’t know why, but I always get tomato juice when I fly on a plane. I don’t drink a lot of it outside of flying…so it’s a weird habit. Have had good luck so far with flying so I’m not changing it!

Early morning reads. Gotta keep up with my health coaching, ya know!

It took us 7 tries for me to get a good picture without me having a lazy eye. Super cool.

So of course we took one like this so I could keep my eyes open.

Snacks from the airport. Pretty healthy option, right? Semi- impressed with the Kansas City airport. I say semi because the bathroom was terrible. I’ll leave it at that. Oh, and the carpet on the ceilings….no comment.

See you in Colorado!

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