Cough, Cough

Yep, still as sick as a dog over here.







(I most definitely do not look that cute at this moment.)

I feel better in waves, yet today the “feel good wave” hasn’t hit me yet. I hate starting out the new year like this, but ya gotta roll with the punches!

Since I’ve been pretty horizontal for the past 72 hours, I haven’t seen the gym at all. Part of me wanted to feel guilty, but the better part of me realized A) I shouldn’t go to the gym like this because I’ll just make other people sick & B) I don’t have enough energy to go to the grocery store, let alone attend a Body Pump class.

Hopefully by Monday I’ll be feeling back to normal and ready to kick my resolutions into high gear!

In other news, we get this gooberhead back today









I can’t wait!

Question: How’s your first weekend of 2012 going? Hopefully better than mine!


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