Busy Body

Woo buddy. I’ve been a busy body over here. Friday night I was doing so much, that I forgot to blog! I am in get shiz done mode and I’m not stopping!

First up on my list last night: Save the Dates.

Since not many people I personally know even know I have a blog…I figure it’s okay to show the Save the Dates 🙂

First, let’s backtrack. In the beginning, I wanted to be super creative & artistic and wanted to create our own. I even had an idea (stolen idea nonetheless, but still an idea!).

Then I realized, I’m not creative, nor artistic. Also, I felt like we should probably incorporate our engagement pictures, since we did pay for them and all. So I kept putting off doing them until I realized…we should probably send these out soon. So I saw someone tweet (can’t remember who unfortunately!) about using Minted.com for their Save the Dates so I took a gander at their site. Ends up, I love it! And they are relatively cheap. Score!

Here is the picture we’re using:

This is absolutely one of my top 5 favorites. Our photographer sent us 2 copies of the black & white and none of the color version, so I’ll need to email her because I want both!

The design of it is pretty simple, but that’s what we wanted. Honestly, I don’t care too much about Save the Dates or invitations. I want to spend the least amount of money & effort as possible on these (without looking completely terrible), because they aren’t the things that matter anyways. Plus, no one really remembers what they look like anyways.

The only downside…these puppies are expensive. At least to me they are. The sad thing is, this is probably the cheapest we would find anyways. Why are these things so expensive?! Ugh. Oh well. It’s gotta get done.

We looked at the invitations, but none really stood out to us PLUS the ones we did like didn’t have room to put that we’re serving dinner, accommodations, etc. We decided to hold off and search around more before purchasing. I’m thinking Etsy, but does anyone else have any ideas?

Besides that, we’ve been cleaning, organizing, making dinner (chili in the new crockpot!), grocery shopping…all kinds of weekend events!

Question: Have any suggestions for where to get invitations? I’m all ears!

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