Costco By Day, Date Night By Night

This past weekend we had an exciting trip in store…


Yes, we got a Costco membership and yes we were super excited about this trip. Don’t hate.

We had a Sam’s Club membership last year and a new Costco opened up a few blocks down. We’d never really been to a Costco and wanted to see what’s different so we went with the Costco membership this year instead. Membership was $5 cheaper too!

Our goods:

All for $126! Okay, so it doesn’t look like a lot for $126, but some of these items will last us a while (at least I hope so).

More broken down:

Sushi (splurge item), spinach, gala apples, mini peppers, sunburst tomatoes.

Frozen berries, bananas, craisins (this huge package was $4!!!), kiwis, vegetable stir fry blend & protein powder.

Huuuge grapefruit.

Non-grocery items: Face wash (favorite facewash ever) & mouthwash.

Not bad for $126. The protein powder was the priciest which we won’t be buying every time.


After our trip, we did some stuff around the house and then it was off to date night (planned by Ryan this month).

Except…our first place was a bust. We have been wanting to go to the Milwaukee Public Market for a while (read: since we moved here a year ago) because everyone recommended that it was foodie heaven.

Uh yeah, it’s not a market. At least not how I picture a market. I picture vendors with food we could purchase to make at home (our initial plan) with a few vendors who served already made food.

Uh, it’s ALL vendors who served already made food. There was chocolates you could buy, a few cheeses & jams and that’s pretty much it. We were so disappointed.

Ryan came up with a new plan though…

Horny Goat Hideaway!

He had been there before with coworkers and decided we should go together.

We started with the hummus appetizer.

Fun presentation!

Then we decided on the BBQ Chicken Pizza. It’s a favorite of ours and we hadn’t had it in a while.

Cheesy & the barbeque sauce was delicious!

And then dessert popped up…

I couldn’t deny it!

After going into a chocolate coma, we came home to watch Contagion.

For some reason I love disease/epidemic movies. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because of the mystery of who will survive?

Anyways, I thought it was good, but not sure how I feel about the ending. I suppose it was alright but I was expecting something more intense. Either way, still a good film. And a great date night!

Question: Do you go on date nights with your significant other? What have you done in the past? I’d love to hear some ideas (since I have next month!)


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