Grocery Budget

Hi ya’ll!

I just got back from Zumba class. I love my Zumba Tuesdays. The instructor has such a high energy and gets the class so pumped up. Though since I upped my weights yesterday in Body Pump, my arms were feelin’ it!

Speaking of Zumba, I forgot to give you my weekly workouts & meals!


  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: 20 min incline treadmill walk & Body Pump
  • Tuesday: Zumba
  • Wednesday: 20 min incline treadmill walk & Body Flow
  • Thursday: Murphy walk & Zumba
  • Friday: RPM
  • Saturday: Body Flow

Tonight for dinner we had Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli Casserole a la Lunchbox Diaries. Also known as Cheesy Chicken & Stir Fry Mix Casserole since it’s all I had on hand…whoops.







And a side salad.

By the way, you should totally check out Colleen’s blog. She is punchy, fun & she makes me feel like I could run a race too! (No, Colleen didn’t ask me to promote her blog…I just like sharing the blog love every once in a while 🙂 )

Moving on, Ryan  & I have revamped our spending habits a bit at the start of the new year. No, we aren’t out buying $1,000 watches or anything, we just wanted to be more mindful of our spending…especially of our groceries since that is my downfall.

Grocery Bill Limit

Not that Ryan & I have been outrageous with our spending, but since we are planning for a wedding and all, we figured it would be high time to really look at how much we spend on groceries and see if we can cut down anywhere.










We set our budget at $300 a month for the both of us. Once you break it down, that works out to be $5 a day per person for breakfast, lunch & dinner which is pretty good.

We decided to make this budget strictly for groceries, therefore if we buy something like mouthwash & face wash (like we did on our recent Costco trip) we will subtract that out since it’s technically not groceries.

This also does not include if we go out to eat for a meal or if we use a Groupon. Our limit on eating out is once a week (this would include if one of us went out to eat for lunch at work- which rarely happens) and since we’ve already paid for a Groupon, I see no need in counting it under groceries.

So far for the month of January we have spent $216.55, leaving us with $83. 45 for the next 2 weeks, which we’ve already bought groceries for this week. I think this is easily doable. I was slightly nervous of not being able to buy our regular healthy foods, but most of what we buy are fruits & vegetables and we have plenty money to spare!

Hopefully we can keep up with this so we can keep saving for that honeymoon!

Question: Do you have a grocery budget? Give me your tips! 

  1. I don’t have a grocery budget per say, but I do shop the sales and I love coupons! At pick and save last week, I saved $14 just with coupons on their double day. I also shop multiple grocery stores so I know where the best deals are. I hate paying full price for anything!

    • Same here! I always have some sort of coupon, discount or something before I pay for anything. $14 is pretty good! You must teach me your ways 🙂

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