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Well, I made it to my second Pilates class…and didn’t keel over! Don’t get me wrong, it was still extremely hard and had me huffing & puffing but I made it. I definitely think this class will be in the rotation!


It has been a hot minute since I’ve made homemade granola and since we bought a huge canister of old fashioned oats I figured it was high time to make some crunchy goodness!

For my first batch, I created just a plain chocolate granola going off of this recipe.

Some substitutions I made:

  • Almond extract for coconut extract
  • More cocoa powder (1/2 tbsp) for protein powder (no chocolate protein powder, wah)
  • Add ground flax seed for some omega 3’s

Crunchy, sweet (but not too sweet!), chocolatey and homemade! What more could you ask for?

After making that, I moved on my next creation, Protein Peanut Butter Vanilla Granola! Say that five times fast!

I based my creation off of this recipe of Julie’s. I double her recipe (because…I mean, come on, I need even more granola, right?!) Added flax seed & half a scoop of vanilla protein powder.













By far my favorite. Maybe because I have an obsession with peanut butter. But it’s SO GOOD. Great topped on greek yogurt!

Question: What’s your favorite kind of granola?

Once you lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s pretty easy to maintain it. I mean sure, you don’t eat healthy 100% of the time, but for the most part you do because it makes you feel good. And when you eat poorly, you feel bad…so you don’t eat poorly for long.

But what if you aren’t quite leading that healthy lifestyle yet? What if you don’t know where to start because the thought of becoming “healthier” seems so daunting that you shy away from every even try?

There are ways that you can start right now to become your healthful self. Every little bit counts!

1. Drink more water.

Yes, straight up H20 has some serious healing power. Feeling hungry? Drink a glass of water. Have a headache? Down the cup of agua. Even just add one additional glass a day and I promise you you will feel better.


















2. Take a walk.

I personally think walking is the best exercise out there. You can do it anywhere & everywhere, it can be for how long or short you need it to be, you can do it by yourself or with a friend (or a pup!) and you can be in silence or jam out to some tunes. What is better than that?!

3. Switch to Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt tastes the same as regular yogurt except a bit thicker. Greek yogurt provides more protein (I.e. fuller for longer) than regular yogurt. Be careful though, some flavored greek yogurts are packed with grams of sugar and we do not want that!

4. Go to bed.

Yes, turn off the boob tube and get some sleep! I am definitely a night owl so this one was tough transition for me. Go to bed 10-15 minutes earlier each week until you are getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep.

(Side note: I read an article somewhere about how you need to sleep in 90 minute increments, so either 7.5 or 9 hours is desirable).

5. Cut down on the alcohol.

Alcohol can be loads of unwanted calories that serve no purpose but to make you feel like crap the  next day (at least for me). Don’t get me wrong, I have drinks on occasion so I am by no means saying no booze at all, but cutting back is cutting out calories, improving your sleep and making you feel better the next day.

6. Eat breakfast.

I used to be one of those people that wouldn’t eat breakfast in the morning because “I wasn’t hungry” or wanted to “save my calories.” Boy, I was wrong. A good, hearty breakfast starts out the day on the right foot and won’t make you overeat later on in the day. Some of my favorites are smoothies, oatmeal  or scrambled eggs.

7. Switch from white to brown.

At least for bread & rice. White bread is basically useless and provides no nutritional value whatsoever. When looking at breads, find ones that have “whole grain” on it. Same goes for swapping white rice for brown rice.

8. Just breathe.

Life can get really overwhelming at times and so many of us are always “go, go, go.” Taking the time to stop and take a deep breath can help you feel at least a bit more relaxed.

Question: What are your healthy tips?

Hello & Happy Sunday!

This weekend has been full of fun (and not so fun) events. Let’s get to it.


Well, I joined the rest of society and purchased an iPhone! (Siri is still blowing my mind)

But first, sushi night was in order.

I crave sushi like, every other day now. It is ridiculous. Ryan is finally on the sushi boat and was starting to crave some as well. There’s a sushi place that my co-workers and I frequent that has a spicy salmon that is the most delicious roll EVER. Luckily, the sushi place is next door to an AT&T store so killed two birds with one stone!

Key Lime Pie Martini. I’m not usually a martini girl (too much straight vodka…) but this one was not so bad!

We ordered 5 rolls plus eel sauce (you MUST get eel sauce if you have yet to try it! Sweet, syrupy soy sauce, yum yum). Alaska, Philadelphia, California, Spicy Salmon & Shrimp Tempura. I had never had tempura (probably because I knew it would be delicious because it’s fried and I didn’t want to get addicted…) but I think the spicy salmon is still my favorite.

After the sushi-fest, we headed to AT&T to turn in my crappy blackberry phone for a shiny, new iPhone 4s!

And then something bad happened. It fell out of my pocket when I was getting out of the car and the screen stopped working. I was so upset at myself but thankfully they exchanged it for a new one without any cost.

The first picture I took?

Of Murphy, of course!

Via instragram (already obsessed…)


I was in charge of date night this month and once again, I used a groupon. We attended the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show. This was more for Ryan ( I could care less about cars) but it was fun to sit in cars we could never afford.

Though some you couldn’t even sit in, like the one above.

These sweet wheels?

On a van! Ha.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Love the color! Because that’s the only thing that matters on a car.

Psst. Ryan tapped his foot on the platform. Livin’ on the edge!

That’s Ryan attempting to look like a semi-truck driver. Until we got kicked out of it…

Look at how cheap cars used to be! If only…

Then we ended our day at none other than Yo Mama for some frozen yogurt.
















And immediately started plotting on how we could have frozen yogurt at our wedding reception. Seriously. Anyone have any ideas?!


Today we headed to church & the Apple store to replace my iPhone. The rest of the day is filled with making granola, sweeping & mopping and perhaps getting a head start on Integrative work!

Question: Have you ever been to a car show? Would you want frozen yogurt at a wedding reception?

Hola! Tonight I headed to my first yoga class at an actual studio! And yes, I did purchase a Groupon for this 🙂 What can I say, me and Groupon are BFFs.

For $20 I get to go to 5 Zumba or Yoga classes at Aspire Dance Studio in Pewaukee. I already like the Zumba classes offered at my gym, so I figured I would use my passes for the yoga classes.

The class went well! There was no “oooming” though (not like I really thought there would be…:) ) It was a pretty small class (only 4 of us plus the instructor) but that was kind of nice. It also nice that 2 of us were relatively new to yoga, so the instructor helped us out more with form. It felt sooo good to stretch after that crazy Pilates class yesterday.

I think yoga and I will become BFFs too.


Dinner brought to you courtesy of Ryan Lynn! Friday Fish Frys are huge here in Wisconsin (who knew?) and we had some fish in our freezer given from a friend so I wanted to have a healthier Fish Fry in our own home!

Ryan used a makeshift buttermilk batter (that didn’t work…) so he moved to egg wash base then coated with panko bread crumbs.

Love the crunch!

With sweet potato chips instead of regular potato.

Taken out of the oven just in time!

Granted this wasn’t the same thing as a typical fish fry…it was still pretty tasty. Left me full and happy, so what more can you ask for?

Question: Fish N Chips fan? I didn’t realize it was such a big deal here in Milwaukee until we moved here and saw Fish Frys at basically every restaurant!

I tried a new-to-me class tonight: Pilates. For some reason I was thinking it would be similar to yoga. Relaxing, lots of stretching  and not super strenuous. Um, holy s*&@ how I was wrong! I didn’t realize it would be a 45 minute abs & glutes sesh with no break!

I looked up at the clock at one point to see how much time was left and the instructor told me to stop looking at it because it only makes it worse…

My glutes are already sore. I can’t imagine what I will feel like tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I plan on finally cashing in on a Groupon for a yoga class at a real studio. I’m excited/nervous …any tips for a semi-newbie?

Dinner was pre-made tonight, thanks to some prep on the weekend.

I made Jenna’s Cowboy Potato Chowder.

Topped with green onion, havarti cheese (only thing I had on hand) and of course bacon.

Bacon makes everything better.


And so does Cholua.

This meal was so delicious and filling. I’m glad I made extra to freeze for a lazy night!

Question: Ever tried a Pilates class? Like or dislike?

Hello there! Today went by lightening fast. Before I knew it, I was headed to the gym for Body Pump!

I hadn’t been in 2 weeks but thankfully I picked up where I left off. I even got to hear some Missy Elliot (love!) and Chris Brown (yeaaah yeaaah yeaaah). Good times.

I scooted on home to walk the beast for 30 minutes and came home to leftovers.

Leftovers of stir fry!

A simple mix of brown rice, frozen veggie stir fry, zucchini, stir fry beef tenderloin and peanuts!

love stir fry and don’t know why I don’t make it more often. So much healthier than take out!

Short post tonight, my head has been hurting all day for some reason. I’ve been chugging water so I don’t think it’s because I’m dehydrated. Maybe stress? Who knows!


Question: Do you like stir frys?

Hello there!

How’s the weekend going? Ours is a good mix of busy and relaxed.

Saturday started out with a morning walk with Murph.

Ended with playing in the yard with his favorite frisbee. He was feisty this morning, per usual.

Came home to french toast on the skillet!

And then immediately on my plate. Every Saturday morning should start with French Toast.

Next on our list…the flower shop!

We headed to A New Leaf in Brookfield. It came recommended from a girl in my bible study and I figured it was worth a shot. Like I said before, I really had no idea what I wanted to use for flowers. The girl who recommended this place said that she also had no idea and they were really great at helping figuring out what would work best.

I did bring a few pictures of what I liked (and what I thought would look good, not that it carries any weight…) and the owner immediately knew what I wanted. We’ll be incorporating blues, dark purples and a little emerald into the bridesmaid bouquets. Mine will have a classic look (don’t want to give too many details because it will coordinate with my dress which I don’t want Ryan knowing anything about!).

Here are some of the flowers that will be used…

Ah I’m excited! I think they will look very nice and definitely me. We also might use her for part of the centerpieces as well. We had visited another vendor who had centerpieces which we thought we wanted to use, but comparing prices it might be cheaper to go with the florist.

We ended Saturday with church & Woodman’s!!! (Woodman’s is the greatest grocery store on the planet, FYI and we haven’t been in probably 6 months. Don’t hate that I get excited about grocery shopping).

Sunday morning started off slowly but we eventually headed out for an hour long walk with the pup.

He only pays that much attention if there’s a treat close by.  



 Along our walk I brought up how Murphy’s theme song should be “Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen (from Dirty Dancing) because anytime he hears “treat,” “dinner,” or “food” he gets this look in his eyes that is on the brink of tears because he wants to eat so bad. Oh man, I’m dying laughing just thinking about it!



Question: Like grocery shopping like I do?