Feelin’ Strong


Heighty ho!

Yesterday was hard to top considering I officially bought my ticket to Long Beach to go to the Integrative Nutrition conference. So. Pumped!

This week has been somewhat wonky and I’ve been working out at different times, throwing meals together last minute and not getting to bed until late but hopefully it should be back to normal soon.

I DO need to talk about this Pesto Salmon dish we made on Sunday night.

Holy yumsies! Considering I love salmon & I love pesto, it was going to be difficult to mess this up. Pesto is so flavorful and salmon is just downright delicious. Try this combo soon!

Served with balsamic mushroom, zucchini & onion and pasta.

I must mention how at my usual Monday Body Pump class, that I had a realization. I’ve been upping my weights on a few tracks so my muscles don’t get complacent with the current weights. For the first time since I’ve started taking the class (or really any fitness class I suppose), I felt strong. It was a moment that everything clicked. Yes, my weights were still difficult but I felt so much strong than I have ever felt before. What an incredible feeling. Finally, something is kicking in!

In other fitness news, I officially signed up for my free consultation with a personal trainer at my gym for next week. I’m slightly nervous, but it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’m not sure if I’ll actually pay to have a personal trainer though. I know I could probably use it, but I definitely don’t want to shell out the moolah.

Question: Would you pay for a trainer? How much would you pay?


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