I Won’t Lie

So…I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve completely and utterly sucked at working out this week. Wednesday I half way did a workout and Thursday and today I just, didn’t go to the gym. Not sure why I’m ditching either, because I’m not sick, nor am I sore, nor do I have a million things going on. I have just completed dreaded going to the gym these past few days. I don’t think it will be something that will stick, but I’m not going to stress about it.

I’m hoping to go to the cycling class tomorrow morning, hopefully I can get my butt in gear & get up!


To keep myself accountable, I posted my resolutions at the end of the year. Let’s review to see if I’m making head way on any of them!


  • Goal: Begin seeing clients for Health Coach Training: 5 months into the program, you get a pre-certification so you can begin seeing clients. I definitely want to promote myself as soon as I can to start changing the world! :){Well I just started the classes, so I’m making my way there}
  • Goal: Reach out to locals in the area to work/collaborate with: I think this is sort of a professional & personal goal. I’d really love to get more connected with the Milwaukee area (especially since I’ve already been here for a whole year!) {Haven’t done this at all.}
  • Goal: Research freelance writing opportunities: I really enjoy my job, but I don’t get to write as much, hence why I started a blog. I’d love to research freelancing opportunities to write for fun (and it doesn’t hurt to get paid).{Also have not done this at all}


  • Goal: Lose 20 pounds. Yep, I’m saying it. Outloud. My overall goal is 30 and I’ve already lost 11 since the beginning of October so I’m right on track. I plan to do this by NOT dieting & just by changing and tweaking my eating habits & working out.                                     {Obviously I have not lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks (that would be cause for worry!). I’ve somewhat plateaued on this and that is due to my lack of motivation}
  • Goal: Attend the gym 5-6 times a week. I’m slowly getting there already, but sometimes I still get lazy and don’t go just because I don’t want to. Now this resolution I will be more lenient on because , well there will be some weeks when I know that isn’t attainable. I plan to just go with the flow and do my best. {I’ve moreso been hitting the 4-5 times, which is fine. I need to up my workouts though if I want to be serious about losing some lbs}
  • Goal: Take a complimentary yoga class at different studios. I am always up for trying new classes. The yoga class at my gym isn’t very good though, so I’d like to try an actual studio. {I haven’t…but I did buy TWO groupons for two different studios and hope to be attending soon!}
  • Goal: Walk Murphy 3 times a week. So…I should probably already be doing this. But it gets cooold here in Milwaukee! And especially since it’s dark when I wake up and dark when I get home…it makes it a little more difficult. But I love him and he deserves more exercise than just playing in the backyard. {Miserably failing, but it’s cold!}
  • Goal: Run in a race. Uh, yeah. I didn’t see this one coming. My good friend Katie, and bridesmaid!, is trying to convince me to run a half marathon with her in May. Ryan is in, but…I don’t think I could run a half. But! I think I will attempt a 10K. I hope I don’t regret this. {Not sure about this….}


  • Goal: Take a photography class/join a group.I’ve always loved photography and since I can steal borrow Ryan’s nice camera I’d love to get better at it. We’re already joining a group thru church and I got some books for Christmas! {Eh}
  • Goal: Read 1 book a month. Isn’t this like, a must for a New Year’s resolution list? ;) {I AM on top of this one!}
  • Goal: Make church a priority. Not that it hasn’t been, but we have yet to join any groups. This is also already in progress because the photography group is thru church and we are joining a bible study in January. {As well as this one! We joined a Bible study group which I think will be really great. We’ve only met once but I’m really excited to see what the future holds}
  • Goal: Volunteer for an organization. Preferably one I am truly passionate about, rather than just a random group to say I volunteered. {I’ve considered filling out an application for the Y, since it would involve fitness, but haven’t moved forward yet}
  • Goal: Improve my blog. This is a very general one…but there are so many components I want to improve that it would be a sub category list for goals… :) {Making headway with this! I’ve contacted Julie at Savvy Eats to give my little bloggie a facelift. I’m on the calendar for end of March!}
  • Goal: GET MARRIED. Not necessarily a “goal” because…well it’s gonna happen but I figured I needed at least one thing I can for sure check off my list! {Oh moving right along with this one. Honeymoon officially BOOKED!}
So there you have it. Some going well, some not going well, but that was expected to happen. Let’s make February the month of moving forward!

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