Soo I’m watching Gossip Girl. Why, you may ask? I DON’T KNOW. It’s on Netflix and Ryan has been gone the past 2 days (don’t like to mention it until after he comes back because I’m scared some stalker freak will come rob my house…yep) and now I can’t stop watching! How is this possible? How did I not watch this in high school…yet watch it when I’m 23 years old. I woke up earlier today than usual and got to fit in a whole episode…so maybe it’s good I have motivation to get up earlier? Yes, that’s what I’m going with 🙂

When Ryan’s gone, I chump out on dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking but it seems kind of pointless to make bigger meals or spend much time on them if it’s only me so I usually eat an assortment of eggs, leftovers, freezer finds or veggie burgers.

Tonight, veggie burgers won out!

With garlic & herb feta cheese on top.

Kale chips on the side! I think I could eat kale chips every single day and not get sick of them. I need to make a salt and vinegar version soon!

Now I sit and watch Gossip Girl, while this freak stares at me.

Typical night in our household!
Question: Do you watch Gossip Girl? Please tell me someone else watches this!


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