Packing The Protein

I guess I didn’t realize how busy this week was going to be….until now!

Last night I had to skip my beloved Monday Body Pump class for something better…Bible study! It was our second time meeting and I already feel so much better about life & everything after we meet. This group is a perfect fit with us and I feel so thankful that we are able to be in a group with them. We are trying to figure out a community service type event to participate in which I also think is really great. It’s not a strict study group but we stay on topic. I can’t wait for our next meeting!

Tonight I headed home after work to play with the Murph-man. Ryan has late meetings all this week so it’s me & Murph for meals & walks. Since we were out yesterday because of Bible study I made sure to wear him out pretty good today. We’re actually considering taking him to a doggie day care once a week to get out some of his energy since we both work during the day. Anyone have any thoughts on this? What is a good price?

After playing with Murphy, I started to make dinner which was Angela’s Lightened Up Protein Power Bowl . I wish I would have prepped some of the items this weekend, but in the end it turned out delicious!


































The only thing I changed was adding mushrooms & using brown rice (instead of speltberries- had none on hand!). This portion FILLED ME UP! Those lentils pack some protein! Leftovers will be had.

I decided on Zumba tonight instead of Body Combat since I haven’t been in a couple weeks. Tonight’s class was just eh…not a lot of energy in the class. Ya win some, you lose some.

Time for me to tackle some to do’s!

(By the way…tomorrow is my meeting with a personal trainer. Eeee! Nervous!)

Question: Freebie! Tell me something fun. 

  1. Alyssa said:

    Funny… I was skeptical to try this recipe off Angela’s site for some reason… but one of my good friends just made it tonight too and said it was the best thing ever! Two people saying it’s delicious in one night must mean there’s something to it… I may make this soon!

  2. That bowl looks delish! I’ve made lentils a few times, but I’ve yet to find a recipe where they are “delicious. Ok, something fun – I’m seeing the Vow on friday! Channing Tatum is totally hot (there, I said it!). Hopefully there aren’t many sex scenes, bc I’m seeing it with my mom (isn’t that always akward!).

    • Yes it was soo good and filling! I want to see that too!!! Though I’m not sure I’ll be able to convince Ryan… 🙂

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