They’re Back Again

Tomorrow’s Friday!!! Ceeeelebrate good times! Tomorrow is also known as…

We get the rest of our couch day! Ya-hoo! We plan on doing plenty of lounging this weekend 🙂

First, let’s remind to the morning because I made something out of the ordinary.

Veggie scramble! If I have eggs in the morning, it’s usually dippy and on toast. The loads of fresh veggies were calling my name this morning so I decided to go with it. Super quick & easy (and healthy!).

Along side half a banana with Barney Butter. Yeah, did you really think I could not somehow incorporate it into today’s breakfast?

Before I  headed to the gym I took the ole pup on a half hour walk.

He was extra sniffy today, must have been the coonhound in him!

Then it was gym time. I did a 20 min run/walk interval on the treadmill. Perhaps I’m on my way to completing that New Year’s Resolution of running a race? We’ll see.

After the run/walk I did abs & arms. I’m excited to get back to a class tomorrow…RPM is on dock.

Since Ryan has been gone all of these evenings for work, I get pretty lazy if it’s just me.

Tonight’s dinner consisted of a Morningstar Veggie Burger (love these) on an everything bagel thin. Toppings included sauteed mushrooms & onion, melted munster, avocado & mustard.

And of course…the kale chips are back again!

I seriously can’t get enough. Obsessed.

Question: What are your go to dinners for crazy nights? 

  1. Lauren Parker said:

    I love kale chips! Do you make your own? I’ve tried once and they came out just kinda limp and I ended up just buying them at the grocery, but I’m pretty sure my IGA doesn’t have them now. Love the blog! Keep it up Britters!

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