Red Rock Saloon

Hellooo and Happy Sunday.

Yesterday was busy busy, as usual! I think I need to dedicate a weekend (or at least a day of the weekend) that I don’t have a bajillion things to do. Anywho, I started out the day with heading to the gym!

I always have intentions of going to a morning class on Saturdays, but never quite make it. Instead, I hopped on the treadmill to do a 25 minute walk/run. The personal trainer I met with told me to try out this run/walk method a few more times before we meet on Tuesday again. This was my second time, other than the first time I did it when we first met, and I plan to do it later today again!

It’s the perfect amount of running & walking for me, since I’m not a runner and all. Perhaps I’ll slowly transition into being a runner?! Who knows.

After finishing up the workout with some arms & abs work, I headed home to quickly shower and grab a bite to eat before I headed to the Steaming Cup in downtown Waukesha to meet with a fellow IIN student.

She had found me on the OEF and messaged to ask if we could meet for coffee to talk about the program. I couldn’t believe that someone close by was also in the program!!! So exciting. We will definitely be meeting up again to study/ talk about our obsession with food & healthy living.

(Speaking of IIN, I have another scholarship -up to $1000- to give away! Contact me soon!)

After that I came home to play around on the computer and then go grocery shopping for the week. Aldi, Walmart & Pick N Save were up on tap and I got out of there with spending less than $70 at all three places combined!

After unpacking all of the groceries we scooted out to go to the evening service of church. We usually go to the Sunday morning service, but wanted to be able to sleep in so we decided to try the Saturday service.

Once church was over, we headed out to use a Groupon we have had for awhile….Red Rock Saloon!

This show was featured on Man Vs Food so obviously when I saw it as a Groupon I had to buy it. $10 for $30 worth of food-which included two beers? Uh, yes please.

At first I was thinking this would be too much food. Then I started thinking it wouldn’t be enough…turns out it was just right!

Started of course, with beer.

The decor definitely portrayed one of a western bar, complete with a mechanical bull (which unfortunately wasn’t running…wah).

A fun place to bring a group of friends for sure!

Finally, we received our food. We were starving.

We went with 2 pulled pork & 2 brisket sliders, chipotle macaroni & cheese, onion rings and wings.

So good, yet so bad for you. Obviously, this was not the healthiest meal ever…but we hardly ever eat like this (anymore) and sometimes you just need to experience the not so good for you foods.

The wings were definitely our favorite, which was weird for me because I don’t consider wings a top favorite food. But the sauce was so good. It was a teriyaki/ honey sauce and I wish we could have a bottle of it!

This morning was glorious to be able to sleep in. I lazily got up and then started some coffee and a breakfast bagel sandwich.

The rest of today includes lounging, making soup (no recipe to go off of, so I hope it works!), a trip to the gym (won’t be able to workout tomorrow so I’ll be going today instead while doing some Integrative listening) and more lounging. Have a nice Sunday!

Question: Ever been to a restaurant because it was featured on TV?


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